Knowledge Is Not Encourage Education Essay

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Knowledge Is Not Encouraged for Life, But for the Semester
In 2007, there was an instance in a math class where the assignment was on something known as a stem-and-leaf plot. The numbers on one side of this table corresponds to the tens place. Its purpose is to present quantitative data in graphical formation, similar to a histogram. It was taught during the chapter on the range, mean, median, and mode. Elementary school students did not understand this seemingly simple math assignment. Some educators used this effectively, while others could not because the students struggled to learn the concept. In the end, it was thrown out of that lesson plan and the students moved on, thus advancing them ahead to the next grade anyways. However, …show more content…

Because of the No-Child-Left-Behind Act of 2001, it has caused a decrease in independent learning. The official requirements of the No-Child-Left-Behind Act of 2001 indicate required standardized testing in the form of an Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) exam. This is to measure what is to be expected at a given grade level for a student, nationally. Private schools do not adhere to this because of the public’s affiliation with governmental entities that provide funding and other means of provisions such as educational equipment or technology. Though, this is a choice amongst the school board of that given district/school. In turn, the decisions made by the U.S. Department of Education are interpreted by the districts. As per Damon T. Hewitt in his article on “Reauthorize, Revise, and Remember: Refocusing the Child Left Behind Act to Fulfill Brown’s Promise” (Brown Vs. Board of Education) from the Yale Law & Policy Review, this act has been expressed as a reformation of education. His reasoning is on civil rights and inclusion as well equal opportunities. Civil rights as far the topic in this paper is that learning what is in the realm of civil can be just as elementary as “2+2=4.” To explain, in the most basic terms, civil or civility can be an expression of politeness or a symbol of courtesy. How someone refers to a person in terms just as

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