Knowledge Of Healthcare Environment : Work On Assessing Areas For Quality Improvement

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Goal#1 AONE 2i Knowledge of Healthcare Environment: Work on assessing areas for Quality Improvement in the organization by attending various meetings related to quality (Specific) Attend Quality Improvement Meetings (Measureable) quality is being measured by scores (areas are being identified by scores of either higher or lower) (Achievable) This is achievable, because areas of improvement is the essence of the meeting. (Realistic) This goal can be completed by attending the meetings. (Time limited) Throughout the next 15 weeks, I will attend meetings with Helene related to Quality Improvement at Rex Healthcare 3-24-2015 I attended a Nursing Congress Meeting where a council report was given by all the chairs for all the councils. The CNO gave an executive update. NDNQI survey will be in June and there is a need to meet target. Carolina values will be rolled out in April. There are increased volumes of patients coming to Rex Healthcare, which justifies the increased FTEs. The CNO explained plans to improve revenue and the importance of operational efficiency. On 4-14-2015 I will attend a Nursing Congress Meeting with Helene where I will learn what the goals of each council are for the next fiscal year. Goal #2 AONE 2g Knowledge of Healthcare Environment (Specific) Attend Leadership Meetings with Helene to learn about patient safety in the organization (Measurable) This goal is measurable because patient safety is measured in the organization in a number of
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