Kobe Bryant Research Paper

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It would appear that Future Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant might have a future career as an NBA prognosticator. Just one and two days prior to Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry both tying and then breaking the NBA's record for most consecutive games with a at least one made three pointer (128), Bryant was questioned by LA Times reporter Mike Bresnahan who took to Twitter with Bryant's rely: 'Who's the toughest NBA player to guard right now? Kobe: "It has to be Steph Curry. Has to be." Moves so well w/o the ball, great in isos.' This is a great compliment coming from a man like Bryant who in his own time may have in fact been the toughest make to guard in the NBA. It's also proof that the things Curry is accomplishing with his Golden State team have definitely caught the attention of players, coaches …show more content…

While shooting a career high in field goal percentage at 51.4%, Curry just seems to be getting better with age and maturity on the court. As noted by Bryant, he move as well as anyone in history without the ball. Even with two men chasing him around the court at any point in time, he still manages to get open enough to launch 20 shots per game. That's an amazing feat for a player that measures 6'3", 190 lbs. The fact he makes more than his fair share of those shots is what makes him scary good. That and the additional fact he is fearless and non-apologetic about pulling up from 35 feet away to launch shots that often find its mark. Curry came into the league in 2009 with NBA pedigree, being the son of former NBA player Dell Curry. Stephen had a brilliant career at Davidson where he earned a place on the Consensus All-American First Team in his senior year. Since being drafted in the 1st round by the Warriors, he has worked hard to become the best player he can possibly be. It's quite scary to think he might not be there

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