Kobe Bryant Speeches

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We all know the name Kobe Bryant. Rather if we know it from billboards, to TV, from high school to the NBA, within advertisements, through internet, or magazines while flipping through pages of a catalog. The main state is not if we no someone or somebody; it’s if we can remember them twenty years from now. The same great twenty years in one franchise they gave us. It’s what mark that they leave on other’s life’s. Not always about being famous or the best of all time. It’s about giving your best for the moment as far as breaking records, setting and creating new ones, to give great dividends. The most important is how great you are going to be to leave an effect in the people and fans of the game. That’s what really matters, that’s what …show more content…

His father was Joe Bryant, a former Philadelphia 76ers player. He was pushed by his father from an early age to take up basketball. He started playing basketball at the age of only three years old, his favorite team was the Lakers. When Kobe was just only six years old his father Jelly Bean “ Joe” Bryant was fed up with NBA not getting enough playing time and very few games in which he actually started instead of coming off the bench. Some say due to this anger Mr. Joe Bryant took moved his family to Italy leaving the NBA behind. Kobe and his family grew up in the new environment and learned to the speak the local language. His dad only came back to the USA here, and there to play for the USA summer leagues. Kobe stayed there for several years with his family. Little did Kobe know he was next to somebody that would be just as a great star, Indiana fever native Tamika Catchings. The two were together …show more content…

Within the same year superstar 7’1 Shaquille O’Neal signed and tagged alongside Kobe Bryant. Later on, being known for one of the most ultimate duo’s in the history of the game. Bryant ready for his next opportunity to make his next move to become a star. Kobe was now in his second season a the guard position as a Los Angeles Lakers. Voted a starter in the 1998 all star game Kobe became the youngest player at the age of nineteen to ever attend one. "Whether competing in the finals among millions of people watching or hoisting jump shots after midnight in an empty gym, Kobe has an unconditional love for the game in his heart and his mind ." Jerry west(former hall of fame laker player) explained by saying “Kobe is the great laker I’ve ever seen in terms of determination and dominance of the game, i don't think I've ever seen one like him.” Kobe started going through, and breaking career records, and achievements. Achievements that were very rare in a sense and hard to break or even think about overcoming. With Bryant’s determined spirit, and crafty mindset he became one out of two only to score forty or more points on every NBA team he has faced; at least once or more. Also at this time Bryant surpassed Jordan’s record of sixty four points scored in one game. Surpassing it with a plus seventeen more as a total of a whopping eighty one points achieved in one

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