Climate Change Is Real And Denial Is No More A Policy !

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Climate change is real and denial is no more a policy!

Abstract: For last 37 years as a world we have spent lot of time in studying climate change and fixing a blame. First World Climate Conference was held on 12-23 February 1979 in Geneva. (wikipedia) It was one of the first major international meetings on climate change. We are studying climate change, it’s impact, causes and how to fix mess created by us. But now it 's high time for us to move forward and act on controlling Human contribution to Greenhouse Gases(GHG) which is major contributing factor to climate change.This way we are giving back to society and future generations.

News: (See reference page for the link). Most of Greenland ice melted to bedrock in recent geologic
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So we need to look for Electrical Vehicle (EV) and renewable energy.

With current level of awareness for climate change people are changing their attitude toward mother earth and nature. They are increasingly looking toward less polluting vehicles and renewable energy (like solar / wind energy) for their day to day energy needs. Also different government across worlds are promoting development and use of EV automobiles and renewable energy. Government are giving incentives like congestion pricing, highway tolls, carpooling lanes, tax rebates on green vehicle (environmentally preferable vehicles).

This change is society is forcing different organisation to develop green technology. Better Place and few other companies like Tesla, Renault-Nissan, Indian REVA, Fortwo is working toward this goal of new world where we human will be using green technology and not harming climate. This is change is leading toward all major automobiles working on electrical or alternative fuel cars like Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCV).

Along with current incentives government should promote infrastructure development for mass rapid transportation system. This will reduce per capita energy use.
Different organisation is coming with their own innovation and lot of those innovation is happening in developed countries. These countries should promote transfer of technology to developing countries. This way majority of world population
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