Kodak Black Horses Analysis

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The song that i have chosen is Horses by PnB Rock, Kodak Black, A Boogie wit da Hoodie. I like this song because it connects with me on a personal level. For instance, when it says, “Going so fast, hope i don't crash (skrr, skrr) One false move, that could be my last (yeah),” it make me think of me running, playing any sport or even work for school and how fast i do everything. The song makes me think that if one thing goes wrong it could be the last thing you will ever do. I chose it because it has a special connection with me. I admire all three performers, they all inspire me of what hard work does if you put the time in to do your work. I like all of A Boogie wit da hoodie’s songs they all are unique in their own way. Kodak Black is a fantastic performer. His songs have a special twist when he sings it. They all start off one way and …show more content…

According to Robby Seabrook 3 on,”Pnb Rock handles the chorus and croons about living dangerously when the song says,“ All these horses in my car got me going fast. i just wanna do the dash, put my pedal to the gas (skrr, skrr). Going so fast, hope I don’t crash (skrr, skrr). One false move, that could be my last (yeah).” He also said that,”A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie decides he’s giving up women… for fast cars” when he states in the song that All big bankrolls, I got no hoes I just left my girlfriend, I’m in love with the Ghost now She’s full of emotions, and now she’s my old bitch ‘Cause my 'Rari knows how to ride when it goes down. The last thing Seabrook 3 said was, “Kodak Black boasts about being paid for a show he didn’t perform at,” when Kodak says, “Shawty say she wanna ride, but she don’t know how to steer.They paid me for a show, but I didn’t even appear.They say Kodak Black you drive like he ain’t got no fear. They say, “Kodak Black, you act like you ain’t got no care,” in the song now his record company may hit him up with a

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