Kore The Miracle Of The Han River

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Country Profile Geographically, Korea is a small country on the far eastern edge of Asia surrounded by China, Russia and Japan. South Korea is still under heavy military tension with North Korea. The area of South Korea is 100,210 square kilometers which is one fourth of California. The population is approximately 50 million. Its capital city is Seoul where approximately 10 million live. Its language is Hangeul (Korean). 29.2 percent of Koreans are Christians and 22.8 percent are Buddhists. 48 percent do not practice any religion. Although it is a small country, Korea is becoming a center of economic and cultural activities in Asia. Korea was colonized by Japan during 1909 to 1945, and later had to endure the painful Korean War during 1950 to 1953. However, since that time on, Korea has achieved amazingly splendid economic growth in a short period that was called as “the miracle of the Han River”. Today, Korea stands as one of the developed countries in the world. Now, Korea plays an important role in world economy as a member of G20 and hosted G20 Seoul Summit in 2010. Korea hosted the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988, 2002 FIFA World Cup with Japan, and will host the Pyungchang Winter Olympics in 2018. Korea is famous for IT industries in global markets. Recently, Korean wave (Hanryu) for Korean dramas, movies, and music has been attracting worldwide audiences. (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, 2015)
Korean social structure is arranged vertically and based on

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