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Korean Culture Insights Previous Knowledge of Korean Culture Asian cultures vary in a variety of ways, not just when compared to western cultures, but also when compared amongst themselves. The Angelo State University campus gets to sample what the culture in South Korea is actually like due to the numerous exchange students. Through working as a Resident Assistant, opportunities to learn bits and pieces of their culture consistently presented themselves. In W.S.’s (1969) research depicts respect as the major factor of any, if not all, Korean relationships. This is due to the large reliance of hierarchy taught and passed down generation after generation, and is commonly known as ‘saving face.’ There are few limitations on the efforts and pressure to keep honor in their family name, bringing little to no disrespect in any endeavors. So in times of hardship, it is common to see students avoid eye contact and stare downwards as a sign of respect; this also relates to the feeling that they are unworthy of making eye contact with the person in authority. Marginalization and Stereotypical thoughts/Beliefs On another note, the Korean student population is always willing and eager to socialize, cook, and partake in campus programming. It is obvious that many of the Korean students often associate with other Korean students; this is most likely due to the difficulties of adjusting to a new environment that greatly differs from their previous experiences. Sa, Seo, Nelson,

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