Kovic's "Born on the Fourth of July"

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Kovic's "Born On The Fourth Of July"

This was an extremely powerful book. Ron Kovic is very able to get his point across to the reader. He brings you throughout his life showing you, no.
. . showing cannot describe the feeling adequately enough. He puts you into his life, when he goes through the trenches, you go with him. When he hits a home run for little league you can experience, not the joy it brought him at the time, but the pain in remembering that joy now that he can no longer do those things.
When he makes love with a woman in mexico you can completely understand how stirring, meaningful and frightening the experience is for him. This is a book about self discovery. From beginning to end, you see him struggling to
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He is constantly trying to become whatever it is he is to become. He knows he was kept alive for some reason and he is continually trying to figure out what that reason is. Which brings me to another point in the book. Even when he came back from Vietnam as a cripple, he did not speak out against it, he still believed in what was happening over there, he still believed in what he had been fighting for. Yes he had seen a lot of horrible things but he despised the college students and hippies who burned their draft cards and protested against it, and were not willing to fight for their country. He even marched in the memorial day parade again, which was also one of the worst days of his life, being driven around in that cadallac having everyone staring at him because they couldn't, or wouldn't, understand. It wasn't until the Kent State shootings that he began to question his beliefs. He began to listen to what the other side had to say. To speak up about what was really happening in Vietnam. The story feels like it is taking place over years, he does so many things that you cannot possibly see where all this time is coming from, but it only takes a couple of years to do. He went to high schools and told the kids his story, almost the same way the marine recruiters had come to his school a few years before to tell them how wonderful life in the marines could be. He become one of the most active speakers in the anti-war demonstrations.
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