Kozlowski Essay

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1. The article calls Kozlowski “a rogue CEO for the ages.” In this context, what does the term “rogue” mean? What did Kozlowski do to deserve this description?

The term “rogue” means committing crimes. CEO of Tyco, Kozlowski was accused in Regional court of Manhattan, of over 20 counts, including commercial blackmail, accounting fraud, securities fraud and corruption. Kozlowski and his second wife had corrupted nearly 0.6 billion dollars from Tyco. Thus he was probably sentenced to 30-year in prison, which was considered the longest sentence in both financial crimes and larceny stated in American law.

2. The article explores the reasons Kozlowski did what he did. Please briefly summarize three possible explanations for his behavior.
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As was found in the videotape from the prosecution, Kozlowski was disclosed to hold a luxury birthday party for his wife Mayo in Sardinia of the Mediterranean in 2001, celebrations of which could compare with that of the Roman Empire. The former directing manager and CEO, Joseph Gaziano recruited Kozlowski from a headhunting company. Joseph’s vanity and extravagant lifestyle deeply impressed Kozlowski. Besides, Joseph’s hostile takeover had other bad business styles largely affected Kozlowski.

3. Looking back over the answer to the last question, are the explanations you listed primarily external (e.g., economic conditions) or internal (Kozlowski’s psychology)?

The explanations listed above are nearly from the internal aspects, namely Kozlowski’s psychology. Even if Joseph had bad impact on Kozlowski, it might mostly depend on Kozlowski’s own choice and self-control. If he had a healthy psychology, he could have adjusted both his and his wife’s behaviors if
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