Kroger Mcdonald 's Organizational Structure

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Company Infrastructure

Company infrastructure can be defined as the physical systems of a business. Transportation, communication, and electrical systems are all examples of infrastructure. (Investopedia) Kroger`s business infrastructure involves commerce, people, technology and other value creation activities that take place. The responsibility of protector and advocate fall upon the company’s CFO of the firm. By using infrastructure effectively, a firm can improve on its competitive advantage and increase cash flow for the company. Kroger’s culture of diversity has always been inclusive. Kroger takes diversity seriously, when it comes to building its work force. By attracting and recruiting the best talent, Kroger can build its organization from within. Kroger states “Diversity is a part of our recipe for success” (Jobs.kroger). Kroger believes that diversity is one of their company strengths, and is one reason why the Kroger family is committed to making sure that every customer that walks in their door feels welcome, appreciated and respected. The purpose of Kroger’s decentralized organizational structure is to allow their company to be more responsible to its local environment by giving managers more say in making decisions that reflect the areas of responsibility as quickly and efficiently as possible. The goals of this strategy also include maximizing organizational efficiency as well as maintaining a link with the local communities. Kroger balances between their

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