Kubrick's Effect Of A 'Black Monolith'

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audience sees the environment as if they were part of the tribe (Figure 1). Eventually the attacking tribe claims the waterhole and chases the other one away. Later an establishing shot shows the chased away tribe and their new “home”. Roaring from other animals is audible; medium shots and close-ups showing the apes’ reaction to their new situation. The next morning one ape wakes up and discovers a black monolith. First the audience does not see why the ape is so upset; a reaction shot shows that there is something outside the frame that disturbs the ape (Figure 2). That reaction shot makes it possible to “[…] get the entire emotional content of the scene” (Brown 24). Music in the form of a choir is audible and gets louder over time. A long shot from a higher angle reveals the reason for the ape’s reaction - a black monolith has appeared in front of the tribe. The appearance of a big black monolith somewhere in Africa millions of years ago is inherently strange. Furthermore Kubrick enhances this effect my using eerie music. The apes circle around the monolith in panic but touching it when they notice it poses no threat to them. Consequently the monolith is shown from an extreme low angle. The alien monolith is now depicted in an overpowering upshot (Figure 3). It becomes an overwhelming and imposing figure (cf. Mateu-Mestre 40). …show more content…

One of them discovers some bones lying on the ground. For one second the upshot with the monolith appears as if it popped into the ape’s mind. Its facial expression changes and it curiously begins grabbing a bone and hitting other bones with it. Also sprach Zarathustra starts to play while the apes continuous hitting the skeleton of a tapir. Mankind has acquired a mighty ability, the ability to use tools. To emphasize this superiority the ape is shown from a lower camera angel letting it appear mightier and more powerful (Figure

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