Kudzu Plants

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Coral reefs are created in shallow tropical waters. The coral reefs make skeletons for itself, and eventually the skeletons build up to create coral reefs. Coral reefs provide habitat for lots of fish and other ocean creatures. By 2050 coral reefs are thought to be extinct due to warmer water damaging the corals. Although the warmer weather causes damage to the coral, coral reefs grow best in water that range between 70-85 fahrenheit.

Moss grows in large areas at a time in order to protect the ground from erosion due to wind and rain. The presence of moss tells a lot about the environment, a number of moss species are used as a bio-indicator. When moss is present that usually means conditions are good. Moss provides habitat for small insects such as spiders, mites, worms, etc. Birds peck at the moss to get to the small insects. Moss typically grow anywhere, but will most likely grow on the north side of a tree, but will also grow in the south, east and west side of trees as well.
Kudzu Plant
The kudzu plant is harming to the ecosystem. The plant grows fast and forms a blanket over plants and animals. Once grown, the sun cannot get through the kudzu plant and kills everything underneath. The planet is an invasive plant, meaning that it is an alien to the ecosystem(non-native organism that causes economic …show more content…

The plants that I listed above all function in different ways to help the ecosystem with the exception of the kudzu plant, which causes more harm than

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