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I would be most concerned about Kurt Incall. This is because Kurt does very well on the Word Studies. He has an average of 87.14% and normally earns a 90% or 100%. Kurt is not doing as well on the Reading Logs or Essays. In these categories, Kurt is earning, on average, a 68% to a 76%. Although these are passing grades and Kurt always turns in his assignments, the class average is at least, if not more, 10% higher than his scores. Also, Kurt has failed all three of his tests and has the lowest average in the class. This causes Kurt’s overall weighted average to be the lowest in the class. I am concerned about Kurt because he is turning in his work and seems to understand the Word Studies. When it comes to the other grades, Kurt is not doing well. His performance also shows on his tests because it is clear Kurt does not understand the information or does not have the higher order thinking skills to apply the information he has learned. 12. After reading the article, “Using Common Formative Assessments as a Source of Professional Development in and Urban American Elementary School,” Answer these questions. a. What are 3 ways common assessments encourage collaborative planning? First, initially creating a pacing guide deciding when to assess students involves collaboration. Teachers at an American urban elementary school brought samples of their students work to discuss. They compared their student’s work to students in other classes. They noticed similarities and

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