Kurt Vonnegut Analysis

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Every person strikes a breaking point at some point in their life due to some sort of issue that has occurred. These are the people that shape our world into what it is today. Kurt Vonnegut, a deceased but not forgotten writer that is known for his unique characteristics and eye-catching elements that create an unforgettable book, would agree with the fact that there are several things to love about life, but that we need to keep in mind that life is not a fairytale, meaning that you should not expect perfection in your daily life because perfection simply does not exist. In the story 2BR02B, Kurt Vonnegut conveys the theme the world is not always a bright place to live in by using different examples or external conflict, …show more content…

“The smile faded when he saw that Wehling had just drawn a revolver. Wehling shot Dr. Hitz dead. ‘There’s room for one-a great big one,’ he said. And then he shot Leora Duncan. ‘It’s only death,’ he said to her as she fell. ‘There! Room for two.” And then he shot himself making room for all three of his children. This example shows us that the world is a very heartbreaking and tragic place to be. The example also shows how Wehling is having internal conflict while he contemplates what actions to do next. In this example Wehling expresses true loyalty and devotion to his children, even though they will grow up without a father. This example also shows us how the world is not always a bright place to live in and that instances like this were not uncommon in their world. Vonnegut demonstrates the depiction that the world is not always a bright place by using the portrayal of foreshadowing. Towards the beginning of the story Vonnegut introduces a sardonic old man that is painting a mural he doesn’t like. Throughout the story Vonnegut emphasizes to us about how greatly the painter does not appreciate the gift of life or how his society works. “‘What’s your idea of what life looks like?’ The painter gestured at the foul drop cloth. ‘There’s a good picture of it,’ he said. ‘Frame that, and you’ll have a picture a damn sight more honest than this one.’” This example lets the audience visualize how difficult daily tasks are in

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