Kylie Alexandra Fink. Mr. Broome. Honors English Ii. May

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Kylie Alexandra Fink
Mr. Broome
Honors English II
May 17, 2017
The Thought Provoking Story of Kate Chopin “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin makes one ask themselves “why”. The story is a very thought provoking. It is about a woman, Louise, whose husband “died” in a train accident. When she finds out, she thinks of herself as free. Why would she be so happy when she just found out that her husband, Brentley, had died? She then finds out that her husband did not die. She then dies after seeing him. Why would she die after seeing him and seeing that he is alive? One would think, why would Kate Chopin write a story so different? In those days, those types of stories were very frowned upon. The real question is, where did she get
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Another idea was that a woman should always look her best. A woman should keep her home in perfect condition for her husband. Also in magazines, art drawings were showed of women caring for all the needs of their children and husbands. (Aslan 1-3, Turner1) If Louise was so unhappy why would she not get a divorce? In the 1800’s it was socially unacceptable for women to get a divorce. Louise would lose everything if she divorced her husband. Males in the 1800’s would get everything if the couple divorced. The only way for a wife to get anything after a marriage was for a husband to die. Women did not have any rights, and feminism was not a common idea. (Though the women in those times did have it a little better than their ancestors.) After the divorce, men would get the children and his property. Since her husband died, Louise would get his property and all the money. She could now go, travel, and have all the adventures that she dreamed of without the worry of someone at home waiting for her or holding her back. Louise would not have to be suppressed by Brentley. She would not have to do chores or cater for all the needs of her husband. (Stenley 1&2) With all the thoughts of happiness in her head after her husband died one would think she would have a mental problem. If a person look close enough they would see in her psychological state she confused the barrier of between reality and

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