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If you don't know who Kylie Jenner is, then you're probably spending so much time in the university library that you got disconnected to the outside world or you're potentially a television hater and never bothered knowing what's going on. Kylie Jenner is literally everywhere, from television advertisements to your must-watch reality shows, to fashion posters plastered on your dreamt boutique to that humongous billboard greeting you on the subway. She is one of the most loved models of this generation, and she sets fashion trends that we never disregard, or put forth some fashion inspirations that we mimic so avidly that we thought it should give us the creeps. Kylie Jenner is a true-blue testament that if one influences other to feel good about themselves, then it's easier for success to be reached.
After the bomb that she dropped upon the release of the new Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, the prodigal daughter of fashion and mainstream media yet again shocked everyone when she announced just recently that she would be opening up a new clothing brand. People from all over the fashion halls can't contain their excitement and the news that Kylie made via her official Instagram account caught fire. Different …show more content…

Rumor has it that future online shoppers and dealers must obtain a password to get into the exclusive web of Kylie Jenner apparel, a feature that denotes that only avid fashion followers would be able to skim through the varied options. Many fashion analysts deemed it necessary for you to get into the online shop as Kylie Jenner is one ruthless entrepreneur which scopes a larger market base. Aside from the joint store that she opened with her equally famous sister, Kendall, Kylie never stopped the momentum of her hard-earned fame and proceeded with this online store, only to make her the talk of the town even

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