Kyocera Essay

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1. Would Kyocera be a good company to work for? Why or why not?
I feel that Kyocera would be a great company to work for. I believe that the company practices not only to the firms business but its employees as well. This is the very least I can say about companies in America. Everyday you turn on the T.V you hear about mass layoffs and ethics not be pursued correctly in our country. I think that Kyocera should be a model firm that all businesses should admire and strive to be after. Just the simple facts that Mr. Inamori would stay late working at his own business are phenomenal, and a practice should be rewarded.

2. Is Inamori's leadership style linked to Kyocera's core competencies? Why or why not?
Yes, I believe it is …show more content…

Do you think Americans would respond differently than Europeans? Why or why not?
Both of the ad campaigns for "We, On Death Row", and earlier controversial campaigns of the 1990's where advertisements that were sometimes disturbing and received a lot of criticisms from their audiences, but were still very influential. The earlier ads of the company focused more on world issues, while the "Death Row" ads focused more on the issues that are in the United States alone, and that's our prison system.
Yes, I think the Europeans and Americans would have a different response because Europeans come across as more liberal in the fact and matters regarding social issues. Americans sometimes appear more rigid and easily offended because they care more about the well being and image of our country.
3. There is a saying in the marketing world that "there is no such thing as bad publicity." Does that apply in the Benetton case?
Yes, that statement very well applies to the Benetton case. Even though this company is best known for its controversial campaigns and advertisements, this company has still been a staple and a well known name in not only the clothing marketing industry, but in the product marketing industry as a whole.
I believe if they marketed their products like other companies, they too would be lost in the limelight of thousands of other

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