LGBT Subculture Essay examples

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There are individuals that live in fear of showing their true identity to the world because they simply fear that society won’t accept them for having a different sexual orientation. Society advocates that individuals should be able to be proud of who they are, but yet they judge homosexuals for being different. People are taught not to judge others based on their race or religion, so why do they still discriminate against homosexuals? The homosexual subculture is not accepted by society, looked down upon, and misjudged; however, they are human beings and deserve to be treated equally. Religion is a major aspect on why society believes that homosexuality is wrong and should not be accepted. Individuals who are against the LGBT (Lesbian,…show more content…
Homosexuals are being discriminated in their own homes, work place, and schools. Vanessa Garcia was judged and bullied during her childhood because she was lesbian. Garcia “was afraid to go to school [because] everyone treated [her] like a freak”. Her fear came from the peers in her school harassing and calling her names. Garcia never felt like she fit in with her peers. At a moment she even felt that there was “something fundamentally wrong with [her]”; which almost caused her life when she tried to commit suicide. John Williams is another example of the fear that society creates for being a homosexual. Williams is a gay male student who aspires to become a middle school teacher. Nevertheless, he is afraid that there will not be a school that hires him because of his sexuality. Antigay prejudice and homophobia interfere with the dreams of many members of the LGBT community. Homophobia causes heterosexuals to believe that homosexuals are less worthy and therefore it is okay to treat them unfairly. People do not take in consideration the deep wounds they are causing gay individuals with their prejudices. LGBT are human beings and they should not be thought to be inferior. Myths about homosexuality are one of the reasons why society misjudges the LGBT community. Myths cause gay individuals to fear themselves, and they also cause society to think wrongly of homosexuality. People are told to believe that homosexuality is a
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