LLLT Case Study

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THE MECHANISM ACTION OF LLLT In the recent times, the use of low lever laser technology has been suggested to be an alternative treatment to prevent the loss of hair and also in the stimulation of growth of hair in both the cases of Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) and Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL).The use of this type of technology has been suggested to produce better outcomes, and also it has been proposed to have a low or minimal risk (Leavitt et al., 2009). Previous researchers on the use of low lever laser technology in the treatment of Androgenetic alopecia have been limited regarding the sample size used for the study. Also, most of the researchers have been concentrating on the possible devices that can be used in conjunction with…show more content…
(b) The inclusion and the exclusion criteria. To determine which article and journals were to be included in the study process, all the research hits were viewed and screened and after these articles were examined for the relevance and the possibility of them being included in the study. Those articles which were potentially relevant were then read thoroughly fully and then analyzed fully to determine the possibility and the eligibility for them to be included in the final inclusion. Those articles that seemed not to provide enough relevant studies on the use of LLLT for treatment of AGA were excluded from the list (Lanzafame et al., 2013). Articles and journals were marked as eligible for inclusion if they at least satisfied two of the following criteria
• In the article, there were adults included in the study of the Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA)
• The article in its study investigated at least one type of the low level laser technology (LLLT)
• The article must be have been written in English for us to critically review it.
• The article must have been written on or before 31st December 2016.
(c) The study quality assessment To ensure the achievement of quality results, the study was divided accordingly using a criterion referred to us as the Cochrane Based Medicine Pyramid. In this division criterion, the study designs that have the greater or strong evidence are always
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