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Mgmt3347 individual case study TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction The essay is a strategic analysis for LEGO Group. LEGO Group is a famous toy company in the world, which established in Denmark. LEGO Brand is not only the familiar logo, but also the expectation. LEGO acts as a guarantee of quality and originality. LEGO’s core values are imagination, creativity, fun, learning, caring and quality. The essay will show strategic analysis by identifying the industry, analyzing general and industry environment, listing resources and capabilities, analyzing the company’s core competency, SWOT, current strategies. Then, giving the key issues. Finally, the essay will recommend the business-level strategy. Identifying The …show more content…

Political/legal element Global political environment is stable in general in the current. International relation between main political powers in the world has gotten a balance after strong competition, which is relative stable. To creating a favorable atmosphere for economic development and encouraging a positive development of the toy industry, most countries seek a stable, peaceful and develop international environment. Analysis of the industry Environment Bargaining power of buyers There are a few large buyers, which are large retail chains such as Kmart, Target and Big W in Australia. They buy products from many different brands. Buyers bargain for higher quality, lower price and great level of service. Bargaining power of suppliers For toy industry, there is no bargaining power of suppliers because there are many different suppliers in this industry. Risk of new entrants For toy industry, new companies are easy to entry the industry because toy industry has fewer berries. The products are similar, which is easy to copy. Toy industry does not need new firms to invest a lot and switching costs are low because most consumers so not have the loyalty. If the products are more attractive, consumers will buy, especially major target people are children. It is easy to access to distribution channels, but it is hard to cover the market because many retail ways about toys, including online stores, department stores and so on.

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