The Slavery Of African Americans

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A black African-American that was one of the many few who was born free in Wilmington, North Carolina went by the name of David Walker. Walker’s father whom died before his birth was a slave but his mother was a free woman. In the state’s laws Walker inherited his mother’s liberated status although, being free did not keep him from witnessing slavery. Walker traveled throughout his time in his younger days in the South, noticing the injustices of the slave system that the whites had going on. Even though Walker was a free slave he still seen and knew what slavery and racism was. Charleston, South Carolina is where he settled and eventually found a church home that goes by the name of African Methodist Episcopal church. A large population of free African Americans lived there at the time. In the year of 1822, a revolutionary plot was uncovered that resulted in severe cruelty of black churches which made things very difficult for the blacks during those times. Walker up and moved to Boston in the year of 1825 where he married a fugitive slave that went by the name Emily. He established a profitable secondhand clothing business and very active in helping the poor and needy even including the runaway slaves. During that time he joined a political organized black community group. Walker became involved with the nation 's first African American newspaper, that went by the name Freedom 's Journal out of New York City, in which Walker contributed some. He spent a lot of time
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