La Llorona

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La Llorona or the Crying woman is a legend that goes back century’s in the Mexican culture. Some of the earliest recorded sightings are legends of The Aztecs, who say that the goddess Cihuacoatl took the form of a woman dressed all in white and spent the nights weeping about the impending doom of the native people by the Spanish conquistidors.
Later in a story reflecting the Greek story of Medea, a woman has children by the conquer Cortez’ and when he is called back to Spain and decides to take her children with him, she kills them and then dies herself. She is later seen weeping by the lake and named La Llorona.
A number of cultures have stories of her, but, she seems to have originated with the Mexican people.

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Some stories say that la Llorona was a criolla (one of unmixed Spanish descent) that was the wife of a wealthy Spaniard. In one of his trips, she falls in love with a poor mix-raced man and she becomes pregnant. She drowned her baby to hide the affair, and was damned for it.
Among the other attributes in these traditions are that she only materializes near a source of water, which may be any such as a pond, lake, or even pila (laundry tank). It is mostly men who witness or encounter

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