Lab : Culturing Escherichia Coli Involving Cav1.2, Connexin 43, And N Cadherin

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Lab 4: Culturing Escherichia coli involving Cav1.2, Connexin 43, and N-Cadherin

By: Zachary Siou
EGRB 491
Due: 2/28/17

Voltage gated channels are necessary components of life processes, in many organisms. One in particular, is the calcium voltage gated ion channel. Often lodged within the phospholipid bilayer, the imbalance of the calcium, or, the inside vs outside concentration, creates a gradient. The channel proteins often undergo conformations, states that which allow or block calcium ions from passing through. As ions move inside the cell, this creates a depolarization, or surge in the voltage. Clinically, this is associated with the heart and how it allows the heart to contract, which can be read in the …show more content…

For example, Connexin 43 has an effect on cell proliferation, particularly in the testes, which aid in the development of sperm cells [2]. They form a network that provides an environment to foster proper growth and development. Again, this is widely expressed in cases of tumor growth in the area. Figure 1 [2]: The role of tubules in cell proliferation and differentiation of sperm cells.
N-cadherin is a protein encoded by the CDH2 gene. It interacts with the cellular cytoskeleton, and is often involved in cardiac muscle, as well as certain cancers. Being calcium dependent, it helps to maintain cellular structure and integrity. For example, it plays a role in trans-endothelial migration, which involves cell-cell adhesion [3]. The endothelial layer contains many different fibers, as well as pathways that allow attachment for the cadherin protein. Some cancer cells can eventually pass through the endothelium, causing the cancer to become malignant and spread. Cadherins in this case can be used to identify and track the spread of the cells, and further identify common routes of travel through the human vasculature. Figure 2 [3]: The role of cadherin and catenin in the binding of cancer cells to the endothelium.
The experiment was divided over the span of six days. For this procedure, Cav1.2 will be mainly referred to. On a Thursday, start with clean test tubes, the Luria broth, and either the Cav1.2, Connexin 43, or N-Cadherin (if a

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