Labelle V. Rogers Communications Inc.

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Labelle v. Rogers Communications Inc.
Labelle v. Rogers Communications Inc. Deborah P. Labelle filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission on September 3, 2009 against Rogers Communications Inc. The complainant, Labelle feels that Rogers Communications Inc. the respondent, discriminated against her because she is a woman. This falls under section 3 of the CHRA which covers and protects against sex discrimination. Labelle alleges she was treated differently compared to her male counterparts and was eventually fired from her position. The complainant filed this complaint on the grounds of sex discrimination.
The Commission on the date of April 8, 2011 announced to the Tribunal and the alleged parties that is would not be involved in the hearing directly. They enclosed documentation and forwarded it to both parties concerning the information about legal council should they have any questions. A mediation date was set shortly after on April 19, 2011. At this point the Tribunal uses a courier service to contact all parties involved. This requires the recipient to sign for the documents being delivered. This presented an issue for the complainant from the beginning. The courier has history saved to record when a delivery is attempted and is either successful or unsuccessful. Throughout the entirety of this case, Labelle was unable to be contacted on over 5 attempts by the courier service.
It became increasingly difficult to reach the complainant, multiple dates

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