Laboratory Analysis And Results Are Vital Part Of Diagnosis Of Many Disorders And Diseases These Days

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Undoubtedly, laboratory analysis and results are vital part of diagnosis of many disorders and diseases these days. According to Peter et al. (2010), an estimated 60% to 80% of patient management decisions are based on laboratory data. Therefore, accreditation of processes and competence of pathology laboratories is very significant particularly for benefit of patients. The UK was, along with Holland, the first European country to introduce a laboratory accreditation scheme for pathology (Barnes, 2014). Organisations, such as the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS), the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) are crucial institutions in process of laboratory accreditation in UK. The IBMS is …show more content…

UKAS (through CPA Ltd) assesses and declares the competence of NHS Clinical Pathology Laboratories according to standards presented in eight sections recorded in the CPA Standards –Standards for the Medical Laboratory (2009): (1) Organisation and quality management system; (2) Personnel; (3) Premises and environment; (4) Equipment, information systems and materials; (5) Pre-examination process; (6) Examination process; (7) The post-examination phase: (8) Evaluation and quality assurance. IBMS/HCPC and CPA organisations work closely together in the process of laboratory accreditation. Every laboratory is required to have an appropriate organisation and management system. This is the first mandatory standard which needs to be completed to achieve CPA registration (Conduct of CPA (UK) Ltd EQA Scheme Assessments, 2009). As it is recorded in ISO 15189:2007 (Quality management system), laboratory management shall establish a quality management system. In order to maintain quality - roles, responsibilities and authority of all personnel should be defined (CPA Standards- Standards for the Medical Laboratory, 2009). Laboratory management according to CPA 1020 – Lab Assesment Handbook (2009) is required to: (1) set quality objectives and undertake quality planning; (2) prepare a quality manual; (3) appoint a quality manager; (4) establish a procedure

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