Laboratory of the Microwave and Radar

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Recently in 2010, Hocine Kimouche, Djamel Abed and Brahim Atrouz from the Laboratory of the Microwave and Radar, Ecole Militarie Polytechnique ( EMP), Algeria proposed the novel microstrip patch antenna design within the inverted stepped cone slot ground antenna. The dependence of the bandwidth on the main parameters design had been investigated. It would found that by choosing the suitable combinations of the feed and slot shapes and the tuning their sizes, the optimum operating bandwidth could be obtained. The proposed antenna has an omni-directional pattern at (x-y) plane for all the measured impedance bandwidth, which are covered the commercial Ultra-wide band.
In 2010, Li Zhiyong, Zhang Qian, Wang Huilong and Liu Yunlin from the Laboratory of the Electromagnetic and Microwave, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China presented Ultra-wide band microstrip-fed antenna with L shape ground application. The current path of the ground plane would enlarged by using the L shaped ground which are improved the impedance bandwidth performance. The notch would inserted on the ground plane under the microstrip line to enhance the impedance matching of the antenna. The proposed antenna are designed to the operate over a 3.3GHz to 12GHz for the S11 less than the -10dB and they provides a good omnidirectional radiation patterns. The Simulated results showed that the proposed antenna can be a good candidate for the hand held Ultra-wide band applications owing to its attractive

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