Lack Of Communication In A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen

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Not So Common Marriage Marriage is a lot of work for two individuals who do not have the qualifications mastered. A marriage must be full of steady communication and cannot contain a spouse to be selfish. The attitudes portrayed among the couple determines a lot in their relationship. Throughout A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen, readers can see how the lack of communication and honesty tore a marriage apart. Throughout the entire play, Torvald is treating Nora as if she is a child. He viewed her as nothing more than a beautiful yet fragile women. Torvald saw himself as the “king leader” of the household resulting in him not having much communication with his dear wife. The story gradually shows the fate in their marriage as Nora begins to …show more content…

The attitude Torvald has towards his wife, Nora, throughout the play almost makes it seem as though he is constantly judging her for her actions without telling her how he truly feels. As any married couple should know, “lack of communication is a prime cause for divorce” (Perry). He does not express his concerns in a mature manner but instead he talks to her like she does not know any better for the little things she has done. For instance, when she mentions that she is not allowed to have the macaroons because of Torvald, this shows that he has a way of controlling her. It continues by him calling her names such as song bird, squirrel, spendthrift, or skylark. He also has no trust for her. He shows this by mentioning her actions in regards to spending money. “You always find some new way of wheedling money out of me, and, as soon as you have got it, it seems to melt in your hands” (Ibsen “A Doll’s House” 930). With this lack of trust, they simply could not thrive and last nearly as long as they may have once thought. Marriage does not bind people if they cannot find the truth in one

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