Lack Of Mental Health Literacy

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Lack of mental health literacy has been a rising problem in society as the prevalence of psychiatric disorders have increased. Heath literacy has helped people with physical health problems to get treatment and support that they need. It is important for people with mental health problems to have this support as well. The article, “Mental Health Literacy” by A.F. Jorn is about the issues that many societies today face when it comes to people understanding mental health. There have been many problems with people not being to recognize a mental disorder when they see one. This causes issues because when someone wants help for it, others can’t help them because they don’t know what is wrong. One of the biggest problems in the lack of mental health literacy is that people doubt the effectiveness in medication and psychotherapy. Research has shown that the most effective way to treat a mental disorder is through taking medication and seeing a therapist. Through the media and word of mouth, there has been many doubts about this. People see only the negative side effects of medication and other forms of treatment. Another issue is that people don’t know how to help themselves and they don’t want to try and help themselves. There has been a lot of stigma placed on people that have mental disorders. People may see them as weak or crazy and so the person might try to hide that they have the issue. There have been some problems in the past about mental health care and professional
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