Lakers Basketball Franchise

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Have you ever wondered where the dominating Lakers basketball franchise first started? Well this paper will explain where it all began. It will tell you about some of the great players who played for the Lakers and also about the championships that they have won. The now Los Angeles Lakers began in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1947. During that same year of 1947, the Lakers acquired one of the top centers in the league at the time, George Mikan (“History” para. 1). Before Mikan played for the Lakers he played for the Chicago Gears where he earned sixty thousand dollars per year, which was the most of any player at the time (Rainbolt page. 12). George Mikan, a six -ten man, played four years of college basketball at the University of DePaul (“History” para. 2). Because his previous team was terminated due to low attendance at games, he was placed with the Minnesota Lakers (“History” para. 3).Surprisingly, George Mikan was the NBA’s first superstar by leading the Lakers to five world championships (Rainbolt page. 10). Growing up, Mikan had poor eyesight and was required to wear strong glasses while playing basketball (Rainbolt page. 10). However, the Lakers were a decent team even without the six ten giant. The coach of the team was John Kundla, who also coached at the University of Minnesota (“History” para. 4). In the 1947 season, the Lakers won their division by thirteen games over the second placed team (“History” para. 5). In the 1948 BAA finals, the Lakers faced the

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