Langston Hughes Poetry Analysis

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Throughout history, forms of language such as, speeches, poetry, and literature, have been strategically and efficiently utilized as a revolutionary tactic to fulfill a goal of social change. For instance, Langston Hughes was an incredible poet in which he used his words to question the racial division of the American society during the Harlem Renaissance. Additionally, Hughes became a vital figure in the movement for racial equality through the use of his language. Language and more specifically, words have the power to drive resistance because they convey a particular message and inspire and motivate others to strive for social change. With the assistance of rhetorical techniques, such as word choice, tone, theme, allusion, imagery, pathos, and repetition, the message is adequately emphasized to convey the poet’s idea. This, therefore, motivates others to contribute to change. Furthermore, poetry is crucial to effectively motivate the collective majority to be involved in resistance through the use of rhetoric. Besides Hughes, another poet named Oscar Williams wrote a poem entitled “A Total Revolution,” which was a direct response to Robert Frost’s “A Semi-Revolution,” in which he argued that everyone is needed to contribute to change, not half. Williams usage of the word “evolution” makes a definite explanation of what a semi revolution would result to. The word “evolution” is commonly applied in the context of science to explain the gradual development or progress of

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