Language Acquisition Is The Goal Of Both European And American Educational Systems Essay

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Language acquisition is the goal of both European and American educational systems. There are differences in approach between the two systems that create a discrepancy in the effectiveness of the education. The American system bases the need for dual language learning on need of students to learn English and the advantages of a second language for well-off students and usually ends by late elementary school. European schools base their entire school system on dual language for all students from primary through secondary school. With the stated goal being bilingual, the European educational system is superior to the American system.
American Educational System The American educational system is established through the Department of Education and centered in Washington DC for all fifty states. The funding and testing requirements are not reflective of local communities and based on national standards and programs implemented at the local level. The historical goal of education in the United States has been to educate to a common goal of proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic based on the English language. All students are expected to learn English, and the Department of Education has established programs to enable the teaching of English to students who do not have English as their native language. Current regulations provide for bi-lingual education to address the needs of students needing to learn English to complete their education in the American

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