Language, And How We Choose To Use Language To Communicate

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Language, and how we choose to use language to communicate is taken for granted every day by a substantial number of Americans. We do this because, we don’t completely understand how important language is. We take for granted how it’s used to fit into society, influence others, or even stand up for ourselves, and until we can put into perspective what it’s like to have limited access to it, we will continue to take part in this central way of thinking. The best way for a person to truly value language as a tool is by putting oneself in the shoes of a person visiting/ living in America from another country with a limited common language. I came to this realization by mistake. By making friends with people from different parts of the world I …show more content…

This story stresses the importance language has when fitting into a society, because not knowing it brings about more difficulty than just being the “new person”. Haotian on the other hand, was in almost the same situation as Wendy. Haitian, much like Wendy, suffered from problems associating with a desired group. Speaking in broken English, he recalled a time where he went to TRAC and tried to enjoy playing basketball along with the rest of the students in the gym. Because of his broken English and lack of knowledge of the culture around him, they saw him as weak and excluded him from playing. In a setting where one must rely heavily on speaking for themselves, Haotian suffered. He went to the gym and heard people saying “they got next” [they are next to play], and wanted to say “I want to join you guys… can I get next too?” [pick him to play next] and they told him sarcastically “okay okay, I will pick you” but when their turn came around to play they change their mind, an Haotian was upset. They told him “oh bro we got the other [another] person so you’re out. So, that hurt my feelings.” In hearing, how both friends spoke about their past it was easy to notice that they had grown from their experiences and become much more confident in their language and along

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