Language Reflection

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When learning a new language, it is always a great idea to interactive with native speakers of that language. This is exactly what I was able to do for the ASL function assignment. As I was completing this assignment, I attended the Halloween Appetizers event and the Holiday Decoration event. On Saturday, October 28th, I went to Thompson Hall at about 7 PM for their Halloween Appetizers event. I had never met a person before so I was excited and nervous to see how the event would turn out. As I walked in, I was immediately greeted by a friendly lady, who directed me to a table for me to set my appetizer. This made me feel less anxious. I noticed that the majority of the participants were about 50 years old and older. There were a few deaf teens, but the majority of the teens at the event were students taking ASL like me. We sat there and socialized for about 30 minutes, waiting for more guests to arrive. Then, everyone got in line at the table for the appetizers. As I was eating, I talked to a man named Jon. When I introduced myself to him and told him my name, he immediately asked if I was Vietnamese, which shocked me. I realized that since ASL is a visual language, deaf people see names as collection of letters not sounds. Jon was able to recognize how my name was spelt in order to conclude that I was Vietnamese, something that someone hearing me speak my name would not be able to do. Jon, then, started talking about his life and how he spent time in Asia. I was able to
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