Language Should Be Regulated On Books

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Language Should be Regulated in Books
Quotes about books and their importance to the society are many, and one can never imagine that the same books have content that should not reach a certain public. Martin Luther King once said that if one needed to change the world, the only thing they had to do is to pick a pen and write. Why then would language become such a huge issue when writing books? Like movies, some books require parental guidance because their sexual, political, socio-cultural, and legal content should not reach a certain audience. Ethical and legal issues apply when governments or institutions decide to regulate the language contained in books. This paper is based on findings on the
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However, not all books need buyers since some authors or activists often write books just to create awareness about something. “Out of Africa” is a book written in the 90s that covers the experience of an author in the Ebola stricken Congo. Besides educating people about Ebola, the book had very entertaining information, but profiling Congo out of other countries had a significant impact on the sale of the book in the West African region. Issues of racial profiling and discrimination of the black continent arose, and it was difficult for the author to defend her position only saying that she reported facts through a book (Dettori and Persico 82). As an expression of art, the book needed acceptance, but some publics could not accept it because they felt that it ethically violated their principles. Books that many authors distribute free include the ones that discuss environmental concerns, disease break outs, and technological advancements. Ethical concerns remain prevalent, especially in books today because of their availability in electronic content through online retailers such as Amazon. Critics of the online bookstore blame it for promoting the sale of books with pornographic content, socio-cultural profiling, and political issues such as “Wikileaks.” As such, the ethical context is an important aspect of the discussion and is one reason language should be censored.

Books should not deceive
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