Language Theory : The Biological Maturation Theory Of Language

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The biological maturation theory of language presupposes that the origin of a language problem is because certain regions of the brain are impaired at processing information for the use of language. This is based upon the belief that these macrostructures and microstructures of the brain are influenced by the genetic code and the environmental factors. If one of these influences is limiting the brain’s functioning during specific windows of opportunity, then these areas of the brain intended for language may not develop functionally. While the interaction of these factors (i.e., genes and the environment) can strengthen the brain processes, it can also limit these fundamental processes that are being developed according to the timing outline. Therefore, the child is presenting with a language problem due to the fact that specific regions, as well as more general cognitive areas, of the brain are not processing information needed for the acquisition of language.
The linguistic theory of language would say that the origin of a language problem is because the child has an impaired language acquisition device (LAD). For this theory, language is essentially an intrinsic skill of an individual, which means that it is not determined by the input of others or the interactions that an individual experiences. Instead, if there is a language problem, it will be the fault of the individual’s inner LAD, which is what leads to the acquisition of grammar in the individual. This LAD helps

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