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Driving. Everyone is so eager and in a rush to reach the point in their life where driving is the most exciting and important thing in the world…. Well it's not. I think it's really tedious especially because it gives you time to think, think about thing you really don't want to think about. Certain thing that at this point are making this a really hard drive, the more I sit here and resist the harder they come and the more pain i'm in. These visions are unrelenting and I don't even …show more content…

Like most people i'm going on a post high school trip but unlike most people my trip isn't for fun, it's for answers. I quickly glance in my mirror to see if i can even attempt to get in the next lane but instead see a pair of what others may call unique set of eyes staring back at me. Heterochromia, a trait passed on to me from my mother, one being Brown and the other being green piercing my soul looking for answers. I run my hand through my curly hair, or at least try attempt to get through the unruly mess “yea, im definitely searching for something”... Honk Honk. I yelp from the sound and realize i had took my foot off the gas and was going significantly slower than one should be going on major highway, “sorry” I yell as if the other drivers can hear me. All of a sudden everything is bathed in a bright green light and I swerve to the side of the road hearing a parade honks from other cars but knowing it was worth it to avoid any collisions and horrible accidents. Even in the split second that I have these visions something seriously bad can happen, and dying in a crash is not how I wanna go …show more content…

Her dress is torn head bowed, strands of hair loosely hanging around her as if it had been in a fight with the hair tie. Heavy breathing is all that can be heard, slightly shaking from all that I can assume had been a strenuous task she chuckles low but with rising pitch until she's in a round house of laughs.
“What's funny?” an unknown voice asks
The woman's head slowly begins to rise her chocolate skinned framed by long dreadlocks revealing a pair of familiar and stunning eyes, one brown the other green.
“The fact that you think you have won, it's just laughable. You may have me now, in this moment in time your power may be greater than mine and you may even kill me, but it means absolutely nothing. It may not be me but a child of mine but someone of Laveau decent will rise, he will be stronger than me and stronger than you. You see your Salem power will be no match and even all the haitian voodoo you've stolen from my people won't be a match for him. Beware Delphine Lalaurie your time WILL come.”
“Your bloodline will ended” the voice replied
“Madam Delphine, Now even you know that once a spell has been made it can't be broken, you'll never hurt my children” Marie replied with

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