Las Fiestas Patrias

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On Sunday September 17, at 10 a.m until 6 p.m. I went to an event to celebrate Las Fiestas Patrias. La Que Buena; a speaking Spanish radio station made this event happen. The radio station had guest like “Voz de Mando” “Christian Nodal” “Maximo Grado” and many more. These artist play “Regional Mexican Music,” they are different type of music that fall into this category. For example; corridos, mariachi, banda, Conjunto norteño. The musicians just go play live for the audience and people enjoy eating their favorite Mexican food and listen to them play. There was food like, tacos, birria, posole, menudo, quesadillas, etc. Also, they had Mexican desserts and candies like, “Tostilocos” one of my favorites, nachos con carne asada, mangoniadas, raspados
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