Las Vegas Tourism and Featured Attractions

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Las Vegas, Nevada is known by its nickname “sin city” and is most commonly associated with its large casinos and “I ran away and got married” wedding chapels. However, there’s a lot more to this famous city that most people aren’t familiar with. From extravagant stage productions to hands-on educational attractions, there really is something new around every corner. The Las Vegas strip features numerous attractions and attracts almost forty million people every year. One of Vegas’s most known attractions that foster tourists is Cirque du Soleil. Their current show “O” creates a summary of all the different circus styles preformed around the world. Cirque du Soleil features live music throughout the show, several prop changes and a…show more content…
For tourists with a sweet tooth, M&M’s world on the Las Vegas strip is the ideal attraction. Visiting the Vegas M&M’s world is like going to chocolate heaven. This four story M&M’s shop and museum offers several exciting opportunities for the whole family. Take photos with M&M characters, try new flavors and watch short M&M cartoons. This is a great attraction for vacations with family vacations that include little ones. As you can see, there’s something for everyone in Las Vegas, Nevada. Because of Vegas’s popularity, this top-rated vacation destination is becoming a model for other travel destinations across America. There’s so much to do along the Vegas strip it would take years to do it all. It’s almost guaranteed that once you see what happens in Vegas, you’ll want to stay in Vegas!

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