Laser Birthmark Removal

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Birth Marks Removal By Laser: Occurrence of Birthmarks is generally natural, but in many people these are seen as something of an unwanted scar or blemish which decreases their level of confidence and self esteem. Fortunately, with help of the modern technology and expert surgeons, the birthmarks can be removed or reduced in a completely safe and effective way. Usually birthmarks are termed as a skin discoloration which can occur because of different kinds of reasons such as abnormal clotting of blood vessels or an excess pigmentation which gives skin its colour. Laser treatment provides high quality results for all types of birthmarks. Usually, there’s a possibility that some patients might need longer courses of treatment than others. …show more content…

Of course, it is safe and simple. Most advanced and latest lasers are used by us to get rid of the colour and intensity of the birthmark, which also provides a smooth feel to the affected area. The treatment can surprisingly fade or remove birthmark stains without any scarring. Is Laser Birthmark Removal Suitable For Different Kinds Of Birthmarks? Most of the birthmarks on the skin are easily treatable with laser technique. A dermatologist or general / plastic surgeon should assess or evaluate the different categories of birthmarks before laser treatment is performed. We provide a free consultation at our clinic to establish if you are a suitable candidate for treatment. How Laser Birthmark Removal Is Performed? On the birthmark, the laser light is finely focused, which passes harmlessly through the translucent top layers of the skin. This results in heating the underlying blood vessels which have caused the birthmark. When the red colour of the birthmark is treated by laser light, it gets absorbs and released as energy heat. The small vessels under the skin gets break, congeals or cauterizes by the heat, which leaves a lightened colouring. How Much Laser Birthmark Removal …show more content…

Time of the procedure depends upon the size and extent of the birthmark, but can range between a few minutes to a few hours. Amazing results become visible even in a single session, but several sessions are still needed. How Many Sessions Are Needed For Laser Birthmark Reduction Treatments? Pigmented birthmarks (also known as cafe-au-lait spots) are usually treated in 4 to 8 sessions. On the other hand, vascular birthmarks (also known as port wine stains) may need 6 to 10 sessions to minimize birthmarks appearance. When Will The Results Appear? Most of the birthmarks show remarkable improvement after the first session, but a few more sessions are needed to achieve ideal reduction of the birthmark. How Long Is The Recovery Period? It is non-invasive and needs no time for recovery and you can start your daily routine immediately after the session is over. However, you should stay away from heavy exercise for at least 24 hours after laser vein treatment. Are There Any Side Effects? The heat which gets generated by a reaction to the laser light might cause swelling and/or a bruise, which usually disappear in a few

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