Last Is Hybridization Which Focuses On Interactions Between

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Last is hybridization which focuses on interactions between internal and external flows. With this theory, the world becomes more pluralistic and can break borders while producing unique cultural hybrids which combine their elements. They also have the ability to adapt and innovate as there are more global and local flows. Muslim girl scouts are a strong example of hybridization as girl scouts are a part of American institutions, and they are becoming more accepting with including Muslim girls. Hybridization is occurring in this example as there are two different cultures that are being blended together in order to form a system. This has to do with anthropology as these methods are prime examples of how culture is able to flow into and…show more content…
Within the Ritzer text, it states there are several characteristics that lead to the association between imperialism and globalization. It defines globalization under trade, migration, communication and many others, which are all existing between the imperial power and the geographic areas that it controlled (Ritzer and Dean 2015:57). Imperialism is a broad concept that is used to describe the various methods employed by a single country to gain control of another country, and then to exercise and execute control, especially political, economic, and military control (Ritzer and Dean 2015:56). As a result, imperialism can encompass a wide range of domains of control, such as cultural and media imperialism. To further this, in the Globalization and the Nation State text, they define culture as, “ways of life which provide meaning, identity and appropriate ways of acting in the world” (Holton 2011:189). They are then defined through their social function and form throughout politics, religion and economic activity. Through further examination, Holton determined the term globalization has being homogenized into meaning Westernization. This means, “global processes function to impose Western cultural imperialism on the non-Western world” (Holton 2011:191). This corresponds with anthropology as the study of culture is affected by what Westernization is and the types of activity that occurs. Anthropologists study imperialism through
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