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Last Man Standing: Politics, Texas Style In this documentary we learn about the different views politicians have when running for many offices. Particularly, in this film, we see the diverse opinions from Rick Green, a republican and Patrick Rose, a democrat. These two politicians are running to become the Texas state representative and do so by many ways of campaigning. The role of the citizen legislature is to work within a political culture with a strong suspicion of government and a history of accepting the involvement of wealthy businesses in politics. The Texas Constitution creates this part-time legislature that meets for a relatively brief 140 days every other year. This legislature receives most of their income from outside …show more content…

He says that you can’t really define him as a right wing guy. Green says there is a bunch of people raised on Rush Limbaugh. You can tell he is really into his religion and agrees with how the pledge of allegiance is stated. He doesn’t want our ‘slogan’, if you will, “One Nation under God” to be taken away. On the other side, we have Patrick Rose who has the ideology of a liberal. This can be defined as an ideology marked by the advocacy of positive government action to improve the welfare of individual’s government regulation of the economy, support for civil rights, and tolerance for social change. We see this demonstrated by him when he, again, talks about the benefits of children’s health insurance as well as his desire for better education. Rose also believes in the thought that people with more money should pay higher taxes than those with less money. He wants the community and the state to be a better place. He ran as a liberal but could also be described as a blue dog democrat. Currently happening, Texas is experiencing a demographic shift with the growing population of Hispanics. This is causing a ruckus about Texas possibly becoming a purple or blue state which, in my opinion, could very well happen if the voter turnout increases. According to Window on State Government, Hispanics are the fastest-growing population group in Texas. The Hispanic population in Texas has grown by 10.9 percent

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