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Good afternoon Dr.Ross,

I'd like to begin this email by sincerely apologizing for my behavior on last night's email. In the beginning of this semester, I entered in with of a positive mindset ready happy and excited to get new knowledge on becoming a new CTRS within the therapeutic recreation program here at Temple. As the semester progressed I have exceeded in all my classes except for assessment and documentation.

It began with my first assignment where I received the grade of 86 however my last grade resulted in an 81. Dr.Porter removed five points off the assignment because the hyperlinks were underlined. Nowhere in her rubric did it state that hyperlinks shouldn't be underlined. Moving forward to the RTA2 where I receive a grade of 64 and was destroyed. It made me feel very incompetent of the material. After reviewing the assignment I understand where I went wrong. However, during clinical feedback …show more content…

During clinical feedback meetings, Dr.Porter has rush my time and hasn't provided the full ten minutes. I have observed instances where she has provided specific people with the correct answer and spent more than ten minutes with them. This is completely unfair and injustice to my success. Due to her grading scale, certain assignments are weighed more than others which give less opportunity to pass the class. If the grading system was based out of hundred percent than students would actually succeed in this course. Most students entering this class, are new to clinical writing. Dr.Porter grades the assignments has if we are experienced and have been clinical writers for a long time. Even last night while checking my grade I notice she updated my grade for RTPN/DC when the assignment due date is not until next week. This is very confusing to me. I have attached this

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