Latin Women : A Latin Woman

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To be a Latin women means to have a great appreciation of their background and understanding the importance of following their family traditions. First generation Latin women appreciate the difficulties that their families endured, and due to that, experiences as molded them to the person’s they are today. Latin Women are making strides of growth of education, politics, government, and the workforce. They have become a growing influence, breaking barriers. Being a Latin women with a different background will always mean having a label in society, but when they accomplish or have a purpose for something will mean they made it. When looking back at your life, and possessing a great amount of pride around your accomplishments, with no regret’s about what you did not do, and really understanding to control your destiny. A successful Latin Women will always have a cultural traditions they have to follow, unrealistic stereotypes they might encounter, and to work hard to accomplish goals. No matter where a Latin Woman comes from, she will always have a strong cultural traditions that she has to follow from generation to generation. That encompasses traditions, language, religious beliefs and practices, legends, music and social and family values. Cofer says “We spoke in Spanish, ate Puerto Rican food bought at the bodega, and practice strict Catholiscim at church that allotted us a one-hour slot each week for mass, performed in Spanish by a Chinese priest trained as a missionary
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