Latin Literacy Project

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Grace Pating
Magistra Curcio
Latin 1
15 September 2015
Latin Literacy Project #5: alumus, alumna, alma mater
The term alma mater refers to ‘a school, college, or university’ and translates roughly to ‘nourishing land/mother’. From the Latin word alma, meaning ‘nourishing’, and mater, meaning ‘mother’, alma mater suggests that a school should provide intellectual support and guidance for a student. Today, alma mater can sometimes refer to a school hymn or victory cry and in Catholicism, is related to the Virgin Mary.
Deriving from the Latin verb alere, meaning ‘to bring up or nourish’, alumnus (m.) or alumna (f.), is a Latin word which means a ‘previous student or ‘graduate’. In ancient times, alumnus referred to abandoned children who would

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