Latino And The Latino Population

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Latinos currently make up the largest and fasting growing minority group in the United States. In 2010 the Latino populations reached 18.8 million (Krogstad & Lopez, 2014). Since than the Latino population has continued to grow at a faster rate than the immigrant population. Yet with the increase in this minority group there still continues to be a lack of research when it comes to child abuse, especially child sexual abuse (CSA). Research has shown that Latino children have a higher rate of referrals to child welfare services (CWS) verses other ethnicities/backgrounds. Yet despite the high rate of referrals, Latino children have a lower rate of substantiation made by child protective services. Much research done on the racial…show more content…
They found that Latino children reported to the CWS for CSA experience different patterns of case substantiations by race/ethnicity, age and genre. Their study found that there needs to be an increase in of culturally and linguistically competent and accessible child welfare intervention and prevention strategies specifically designed for Latino families in the United States. An increase in interventions and prevention programs need to be implemented in neighborhoods in which Latinos are a majority. The study also found that CSA cases were more likely to be called in by school personnel rather than social services providers, a parent, another relative or friend or neighbor. Equal access to education could be reason that explains why CSA involving Latino children is more likely to be reported by school personnel than other services or individuals (Flores et al., 2002). In a research study conducted by Fontes et., al (2012) Latino and African American groups were separated and asked questions about child sexual abuse. They found that Latina women, especially the Spanish speaking Latinas appeared guarded in their responses and physically tense during the entire discussion around the topic of sexual abuse. They were observed clutching their purses. The explanations provided state that the women could have been less acculturated and could have been contained by cultural taboos

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