Latino Childhood Obesity

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South Carolina has one of the highest rates of obesity in the nation and, proportionately, more Latino children aged 2–5 years are obese compared to black and white children in the state (Torres, Meetze, & Smithwick-Leone, 2013). In fact, the proportion of obesity among South Carolina Latino children between the ages of 2 and 5 years in 2009 was 37.3% compared to 27.3% and 26.4% for black and white children, respectively (Torres, Meetze, & Smithwick-Leone, 2013). Moreover, in 2011, about half of all middle-school children were not active, and approximately 30% of high school students were considered overweight or obese (Torres, Meetze, & Smithwick-Leone, 2013). These high numbers of overweight and obese children are startling because overweight…show more content…
established the National Latino Childhood Obesity Research Agenda in response to the Latino childhood obesity crisis in the U.S. This group identified the Latino family as the most important factor in preventing childhood obesity among their children, followed by the community, school, and society. The CDC Youth Media Campaign Longitudinal Survey (YMCLS) reported that 61.5% of Latino children aged 9–13 years did not participate in organized physical activity during non-school hours (Torres, Meetze, & Smithwick-Leone, 2013). Latino and black parents were more likely than white parents to perceive transportation, opportunities in their area, and cost as major barriers to physical activity participation by their children (Torres, Meetze, & Smithwick-Leone, 2013). In addition, Latino parents were more apt to be concerned about neighborhood safety (41.2%) as opposed to white (8.5%) and black (13.3%) parents (Torres, Meetze, & Smithwick-Leone, 2013). They reported more concern for their daughters (17.6%) than for their sons (14.6%) (Torres, Meetze, & Smithwick-Leone, 2013). In this assignment I will highlight how this organization utilized Photovoice to empower Latin mothers to identify barriers and opportunities for physical activity for Latino children in West Columbia SC (Torres, Meetze, & Smithwick-Leone,
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