The City Of Des Plaines

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Community health nursing is a challenging, yet crucial nursing care that improves the quality of health care for the community of Des Plaines. The city of Des Plaines is a suburban community located in the northwestern part of Illinois and it is mostly residential with single housing community. It is a small city with a population of 58.677 people ( and is part of Cook County. Des Plaines is surrounded by other communities such as Mount Prospect in the west side, Park Ridge Village on the east side, which houses Lutheran General Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals in Illinois. On the southern borders is placed Rosemount Village, which hosts one of the busiest airports in the United States. Des Plaines River runs between Park …show more content…

During the windshield survey, there were many teenagers that were inside the fast food stores or inside the malls holding big cups of soda beverages which are high in sugary calories. Also, there were no people exercising outside due to freezing temperatures, which also contributes to the lack of exercise and increased obesity. The obesity rate for Cook County is 25% and the physical inactivity is 20% (County health Rankings & Roadmaps (2016). Strength, Risk Factors, and/or Barriers The behaviors that influence increased obesity in children and adolescents includes consuming foods that are in high calories and beverages, decreased physical activities, and sedentary lifestyles ( During the windshield survey in the Des Plaines community, there were many restaurants and grocery stores that were accessible by car or by public transportation and were located in the main streets. Unfortunately, the most frequented were the fast food stores that were accessible due to the multiple locations in almost every corner of the big street and closer to residential areas, and cheaper in price. Also, another factor that contributes to the increased obesity is the high rate of foreign-born residents including Hispanic population, which according to United States Census Bureau (2016), is 30% compare to 13% in the United States. Some cultures such as Hispanics consume food high in

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