Law Problems A Health Football Club Faced

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This paper focuses on analyzing the a few questions about a series of law problems a Health Football Club faced, those questions concern formation of contract, some remedies can be applied through relevant law knowledge.

In this case, it is essential to whether the action of HFC that inviting season ticket holder to renew for next season is an offer or not. In some point of view, it should be an offer. it can also be an invitation to treat without the certain term of price of £700 for all applications received before May 5th , so the contract is legal binding automatically when offer accepted by offeree.
According to general law principle, an offer must be clear on certain terms and must be communicated to the other party, a vague information the offeror given would be regarded as an invitation to treat and mere buff or boast. Obviously and generally, a normal advertisement locally would be an invitation to treat, which is not enforceable to be an offer such as case of Partridge v Crittenden(1968), but if there are some specific set of terms in order to create legal relations, an offer can be found. See example of Blackpool & Fylde Aero Flying Club Ltd v Blackpool Borough Council(1990).
The fact is Liam sent a letter on April 28th, it takes long time than expected and received by HFC on May 7th, so HFC terminated old offer with £700, and regard the acceptance as a one of an new offer with £850. Nevertheless, it holds that Liam does not owe £175 to HFC. It stands to reason…
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