The Ethical Dilemma Of The Case Of Banned Performance -enhancing Drug At The Club

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quality care to the patient and prevent any harm. However, there are many situations where healthcare professionals want to do the right thing, but could not understand doing it in a right way. This situation gives rise to an ethical dilemma. The term ethics represents the moral value where a person is concern for a good behavior, and considers it as an obligation to not only consider personal well-being but also that of others. Thus, ethical behavior is the most appropriate behavior, which includes moral obligations, principles and values and also understanding the difference between right and wrong. An Ethical dilemma is a situation, which is very complex and creates conflict between moral values and transgressing another. This essay will discuss ethical dilemma in relation to the case study of Kamil Samra, who is a sports physiotherapist is stuck in ethical dilemma to report about the illegal use of banned performance -enhancing drug at the club, where he works. The two healthcare professionals involved in this case will be the physiotherapist and sports scientist. The essay will also discuss the rights and dignity of the players, principles of health care ethics and will propose a legal and defensible resolution for this situation, with the help of relevant code of ethics and professional conduct.
• Stakeholders and Healthcare Professionals
Kamil as an employer of AFL club is a sports physiotherapist for the players. He is also a specialist in treating musculoskeletal

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